Friday, October 31, 2008

Learnings from Gateway Church (at the Reveal Conference) A couple of weeks ago while attending the REVEAL conference I was incredibly moved by the worship experience that the Gateway Church team (Southland Texas) lead us in and was challenged greatly by some of their insights on how they plan their weekend services. I have been ministered to through Gateway's music since their first CD was released in 2006. However, experiencing them actually leading us in worship gave me a window into the kind of kingdom impact they are having which is pretty inspiring. Since then I have been sharing I have been sharing insights and learnings continually with my team. Here are some key thoughts that have been speaking to me from their session. I will do another post specifically on some learnings I received regarding their music ministry. THOUGHTS ON CHURCH (by Senior Pastor Robert Morris) "The church is a swimming pool -- it should have a deep and shallow end." "I don't steal sheep, but I do plant grass." "We cast a wide net." OVERALL GOAL OF WORSHIP SERVICES: Minister to the LORD Minister the Word Minister to people. THE THREE DIFFERENT TIMES FOR WHERE PEOPLE CAN CONNECT AND EXPERIENCE GOD: The worship (and the Word during worship) The message The ministry time SENIOR PASTOR ROBERT MORRIS'S APPROACH TO PREPARING HIS MESSAGES: Spend everyday from 8am-12pm with God. "I think if we would spend our time on the mountain and so that when we come off of that mountain our face was glowing and we had...

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