Saturday, August 02, 2008

How to Pray for the Leadership Summit This Thursday & Friday August 7 & 8 Journey Community Church, for the 5th time, will serving as the San Diego host-site for the Leadership Summit. I cannot fully describe the exponential impact this conference can have in the lives of individual leaders, their church and their spheres of influence. So please pray for the following, that ... Every Leadership Summit attendee in San Diego, across the United States and in Canada will come with un-distracted & open hearts and minds with an attitude and spirit to learn. God would anoint each summit speaker in their presentation and in the content that they present. All the programming elements (music, videos, etc.) would fit in well with overall session themes and be executed with excellence. Local Summit Site hosts will have a real sensitivity to the Holy Spirit and what is taking place in the room. (please pray for me specifically as I serve as the host at our site) On the technical side of things that their will no challenges here or in South Barrington (where the L.S. Is broadcast from) in the satellite transmission. Everyone of the summit serving team members would serve with passion and present the highest level of customer service. There will be many walk-up registrations — that there will be a lot of last minute promptings to attend. Churches will have a vision for leadership development as a year round process and also make the summit an annual non-negotiable. Those attending, who are un-churched, spiritually...

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