Thursday, June 19, 2008

Weekend Update June 20 & 22 This weekend we jump back into the God at the Movies series with the People's Choice leading vote getter I Am Legend. Here is a review of the movie by Weekend Service Producer Daniel Benitez. Adapted from Richard Matheson’s novel of the same name, I Am Legend stars Will Smith as virologist Robert Neville. Immune to a vicious man-made virus that wiped out the human population of Earth, Neville spends his days hunting deer, golfing, gathering food; and his nights locked in his townhouse, evading blood-thirsty infected humans. Somewhat predictable, the plot quickly moves past Neville’s lonely existence as the sole surviving human, and focuses on his interactions and fight against the infected. Following a tense and eerily quiet scene in a warehouse, where we first see the infected, the film’s credibility as a zombie movie dies. Sadly, the filmmakers chose to go with computer-generated zombies rather than the traditional human actors – making them just not that scary. All expectations of a true zombie movie aside, Legend explores some rather deep themes. Of course, there are the expected questions about the collapse and persistence of human civilization. How would one respond to the absolute isolation Neville lives with everyday? Would there be a reason to continue? When all hope is lost, can life go on? But more notable, is the film’s exploration of listening. In an attempt to withhold from giving away from the plot, I will spare most detail. Just to say, Neville learns to listen – a...

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