Saturday, October 13, 2007

The Most Visible Person in Church Who is the most visible person or people in a church? Possible answers would begin with the senior or teaching pastor, worship team members (vocalists and band) and possibly those who serve in guest related ministries like ushers, greeters or information counter team members. Yet in our church setting I would have to say that the most visible people are our camera operators that help capture the weekend services onto our side screens and video recordings. I am sharing this because of a great leadership insight that I have discovered. Often times we challenge those with more upfront roles and those who personally interact with our guests to be conscientious of their actions and appearance for obvious reasons. The "aha" moment for me was a few weekends ago as I began to observe where our camera operators are stationed in the worship center -- they are somewhat in the middle of the room are in a elevated position for the best camera angles. It dawned on me that they are in one of the most visible places in the room and also have the most constant presence. Whereas the speakers and singers have designated times on the stage, the camera operators are there for the entire service. If one of our camera operators slouches, yawns or is dressed sloppily it can communicate, though not intentional, disinterest, lack of passion and lack of excellence to name a few things. Fortunately I serve with some top-notch volunteers that put incredible effort into...

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